Happy New Year!

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to write, holy crap!

Without beating around the bush, the truth is I’ve been in a weird headspace since having excision surgery of my endometriosis back in November. I’ve been battling pain both prior to surgery and since, and it’s made me not want to confront a LOT of things.

But because it’s the new year – and because I had a few too many glasses of wine last night – I’ve decided to let go, move on, and keep pushing forward.

An anecdote: A few years back I injured my hamstring pretty badly and was in PT for 7ish months. I got injured while training for my second road marathon, and had ignored the pain for a little too long, making recovery harder than it needed to be. When I was able to run again, I moved to the trails and never looked back. I signed up for my first ultra because I needed to prove to myself I could still do this, and ran the SRT Run/Hike 30 Miler that same year. One of the major takeaways from that race and the 6 months of training leading up to it was that I am fucking resilient.

2018 was a year plagued with injuries and illness, but it was also a year in which I discovered a new love for running because I finally found myself a running family. So my way of moving the bar up another notch or two for 2019 by putting my heart and soul into qualifying for the CCC in 2020. I registered for the Javelina Jundred 100K!!!!

This is also the year I get to marry the love of my life and make some crazy memories as we embark on our biggest adventure yet.

This is the year I let go of the pain and grief and wave goodbye to my big dumb uterus.

This is the year I make some moves in my career by switching fields entirely, because BRING IT ON, 2019.

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