Dear Reader,

My original intent for this blog was to force myself to sit down and chronicle my adventures in the outdoors: training, trail running, climbing, races, hiking trips… It’s something I’ve wanted to do for several years but have avoided it because, “who will read it? Who cares about what I go through? What will they think of my writing?”.

To be frank, part of the writing process is entirely selfishly motivated: it’s for me. To go back, to re-experience, to learn, to process. Sharing my adventures in the outdoors will hopefully encourage others to go out and play in nature’s playgrounds, or to realize that they aren’t alone in their experiences.


I also hope to encourage and empower more women to participate in outdoor-based activities. It’s ok to be slow, it’s ok to fall, to fail. It’s not about winning the race or sending the climb. It’s about having fun and spending time outdoors that can teach us about ourselves. We grow stronger from picking ourselves back up after a fall, and that strength is what I hope to build upon along the trail of my adventures, as well as my life.

Happy reading,

– Jackie



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